The Process

Video Production

The Idea

Once you’re excited about a creative idea, we turn it into a detailed script that allows you to review a list of visual images as well as the audio track.  This will let you pre-visualize your video.  You can provide notes and input and once we agree on a final script, we move into the production phase.


The Shoot

For most corporate videos, we shoot on location for a day or two which generally involves a crew of anywhere from three to fifteen professional video and audio crew members.  They will be joined by any talent (actors or spokesperson) if necessary and a wardrobe and make-up team (if needed). Remember the size of the crew, talent, and location is determined by the creative concept and desired level of production which is outlined in your budget. We record everything with state of art High Definition cameras with professional lighting and audio.


The Edit

Once your project has been shot, it’s time for editing.  That’s where the visuals are combined with music, voice over, graphics, and any other elements that are necessary to complete the project.  Depending on the length and complexity of the video, editing will take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. You will be able to review two cuts as well as the final video and provide creative input along the way.


The Delivery

These days most clients want their videos to be delivered in a web friendly digital file format, which we can provide.  We can optimize your videos for easy embedding on places such as YouTube and Facebook. We can also deliver the final project on any other format including DVDs or digital video tape to suit your needs.


Lightship Media can develop and produce a professional corporate video for your company whether you are targeting customers on the web, creating internal communications for your employees or looking for long format advertising such as direct response videos.


We’ll sit down with you to discuss the message you want to convey and the audience you want to target, then develop the best idea to achieve your goals while keeping within your budget.  Your budget will determine the level and quality of production available for your video.


As our background is in entertainment television, we look at projects differently.  What’s the story we can tell? How can it be visually arresting?  And ultimately what will make it entertaining so your audience will want to watch?

- How we produce brand and marketing videos at Lightship Media -




We tell stories by creating inspiring television programs, commercials and videos of all kinds.

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