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Television Commercials

Television is a powerful way to advertise to your audience.  It used to be that only companies with large marketing and advertising budgets could afford television advertising.  Cable television has largely changed that.  Now you can target a very specific area – one where your business will benefit the most by reaching the customers you want – without spending money advertising to people outside your area.  Now, television advertising is similar in cost to advertising in local newspapers and magazines. So how does it work?  The are two key parts to the process of television advertising: PRODUCTION and BROADCASTING.



Lightship Media has more than 15 years of experience working with commercial clients to help define their message and communicate it in a compelling and entertaining way that will bring a return on their advertising investment.  We work closely with our clients to define their goals – are they selling a specific product?  Are they promoting a sales event? Are they looking to create a brand image?  Are they looking to move into a new market and get the word out there?


Once we’ve agreed on a creative plan, a goal and budget, we provide our clients with a detailed two-column script.  This lists all of the visual and audio elements in the commercial so the client can review it, make notes and provide any feedback.


The next step is production.  Most commercials that require original footage can be shot in one day on location.  We use only professional state of the art hi-definition cameras, lighting and audio equipment to give your spot the look of a national commercial.  We tailor our equipment packages to your specific creative needs while keeping within your budget.  Some commercials don’t require us to shoot new footage: stock footage is available and affordable, and sometimes combined with compelling graphics is all that is necessary to tell your story.


Once the footage has been recorded it is time for the editing process.  This is where the footage is combined with music, voice over, graphics, and any other creative elements.  Clients are able to review cuts along the way to make comments and provide input.

Broadcasting & Media Buying

So now that the spot is produced, what do you do with it?  You can put it on your website, YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites free of charge.  But more likely you’re going to want to air it on TV.


Lightship has a relationship with cable companies throughout Florida such as Comcast and can place your ad on cable television.  We’ll help you choose the networks that your potential customers are most likely watching.  We can also help you target one or more specific areas.  For instance: Kendall, Homestead, Miami Beach, Hialeah, Sunrise, and Pompano are all examples of zones you can target specifically.  That means you don’t need to pay to have your spot where your customers aren’t.  And best of all we don’t charge any additional fees for this service.



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